“Mimakara,” a local specialty product created as a result of town revitalization

Mitsuru Ousaka and Yumiko Ousaka
(Mima Town in Mima City / Mima Community Center)

“Mimakara” is a condiment made by stir-frying local capsicum with bonito flakes, sesame oil, soy sauce, and other ingredients. It is a specialty product in Mima City and is popular because of its strong and addictive spiciness.

Mr. Mitsuru Ousaka works at the Mima Community Center and produces Mimakara. He has long volunteered with his local friends to revitalize the town. Through these activities, he began producing Mimakara with friends in 2007.

They began making condiments by focusing on indigenous capsicum, which has long been cultivated in the mountainous areas of Mima City.
Capsicum, used in condiments, is grown by 14 members of the producer’s association by adding kaya as a fertilizer in mountainous fields.

The “Mimakara Capsicum” produced in the mountainous area is characterized by its sweetness despite its spiciness due to the temperature difference between day and night. The capsicum delivered to the processing facility is cut with a knife, stir-fried in a large pot without a machine, and carefully processed by hand.

Mr. Mitsuru’s daughter, Mrs. Yumiko, who works with him, says that the number of farmers is decreasing owing to the aging population, and she feels pressure to pass on Mimakara to the next generation. However, she wanted to use her welfare experience in her previous workplace to make Mimakara a place for people with disabilities to work.

“Mimakara,” a specialty product created as part of the town’s revitalization project, is a great way to connect people in the community.