Delicious tomatoes that exploit temperature differences

Matsufumi Noda
(Higashi-Miyoshi Town)

Agricultural plastic greenhouses are arranged on mountain slopes in the villages of Higashi Miyoshi Town.

Tomato cultivation has long been popular in the Nishisho district in the mountainous area of Higashi-Miyoshi town because the considerable difference in temperature makes it possible to produce tomatoes with a strong flavor.

Mr. Matsufumi Noda grows large and small tomatoes in plastic greenhouses, and harvesting occurs in July. His tomatoes are shipped mainly within Tokushima Prefecture and to the Kansai region and are popular in local farmers’ markets for their sweetness and taste.

He had been growing tomatoes for over 20 years but said, “I don’t know if I can do it well every year because of typhoons and climate changes.”

When asked about the secret of producing delicious tomatoes, he answered: “The only thing I do without fail is to spread kaya on the ground.” Kaya is an essential natural fertilizer for farming sloping land and is used here.
He cheerfully said: “I still want to continue growing tomatoes.”