Agriculture inherited from mother

Sakae Kitazuka and Akemi Miki
(Tsurugi Town)

Mikidochi is a small village in the mountainous area of Sadamitsu in Tsurugi.

Mrs.Sakae Kitazuka began helping her parents' farm around 2017 because her parents were getting older. She used to help her parents produce leaf tobacco when she was a child. After that, she had little experience in agriculture.

In May, she and her mother, Mrs.Akemi, harvest hulless barley and then process it into Hattai flour for sale. Hattai flour is made by roasting the hulless barley in a kiln until slightly charred and then grinding them into powder. Bagged Hattai flour is a popular product sold at local roadside stations.

Buckwheat is harvested in the fall and threshed in the winter.

She also produces a variety of vegetables and processed products, such as pickled plums, throughout the year under the guidance of her mother, Mrs.Akemi.
Recently, they have been selling their products on the internet and looking forward to getting customer feedback from all over Japan.