"Genpei potato", a local food that has been passed down from generation to generation

Mr.Fumihiro Okamoto・Mrs.Reiko Okamoto
(Higashi-Iya in Miyoshi City/Farmer)

Mr. and Mrs. Okamoto grow "Goushu potato" in Higashi-iya, Miyoshi city.

It is a type of potato called "Goushu potato" that has been handed down from ancient times in the mountainous area around Mt.Tsurugisan. It is said to be originated from the Heike clan who were driven out of the capital and fell into the East-iya region in the old days.

It is grown on sloping lands with good water repellency.

Layers of thatch on the fields are effective in preventing frost and suppressing weeds to grow potatoes, and harvesting takes place from July to August.
The potatoes are small in size and available in white and red colors.

Most of them were consumed at home, but now they are commercialized by JA Awa-Miyoshi.
It is sold as "Genpei potato" in a red-and-white set that resembles the colors of the flags of the Heishi and Genji.

The flavor is characterized by a chewy texture and a simple but distinctive sweetness. 

The more you cook them, the tighter they become, and they do not fall apart.

They said it is delicious to stir-fry boiled potatoes with Miso.

They are also good for Oden, curry, and other stewed dishes because they are small and do not fall apart.

I hope you'll have a chance to taste the "Goushu potato" which has been carefully passed down from generation to generation.