Continuing agriculture on the slope, protecting the landscape of steep-slope villages

Shinji Taguchi
(Higashi Miyoshi Town)

Izumino village is located in a mountainous area with a view of the Higashi Miyoshi town plain field.

Mr. Shinji Taguchi returned from another prefecture and started his farm.
He worked for electrical and precision machinery-related companies in Ehime and Tochigi Prefectures. However, he decided to retire early and returned to his hometown, Higashi Miyoshi town, three years ago.
As his family initially worked in the agricultural industry, he grew vegetables throughout the year in his family’s fields.

He sells freshly picked vegetables at local markets and wholesales them to the “Mikamo Café” in Higashi Miyoshi Town.
This café serves salads and pastas made of fresh vegetables harvested every morning. The restaurant offers vegetables through its agricultural heritage system.
In particular, bread salads with many kinds of vegetables have become popular dishes on menus, demonstrating how beautiful vegetables can be.

He also runs a farmer’s guesthouse at his home, which accepts urban junior high and high school students on school excursions and general tourists.
Customers can experience farming on steep slopes using indigenous farming tools and harvesting vegetables.
The biggest problem is wildlife. He placed nets and electric fences around his fields because deer and wild boars cause significant damage in the Izumino area.
There are many problems with continuing farming in mountainous areas, such as taking measures against wild animals and difficulty using machinery on the slopes.
He said: “I hope to share my experience and knowledge with those interested in farming in these areas.”
The beautiful landscape of the steep-slope village is maintained through farmers’ daily efforts.