Atago persimmon on steep slopes 

 Tsurugi Town Dried Persimmon Group
(Tsurugi Town) 

Atago persimmons are widely cultivated in the mountainous areas of Handa in the town of Tsurugi. 
Farmers in the Hiraraishi district gather to produce dried Atago persimmons, which are sold at roadside stations and are gaining popularity. 

Sericulture was popular in Handa. However, the cultivation of Atago persimmons has increased instead of gradually declining. 

Today, 50–60 farmers cultivate Atago persimmons, and this region is one of the leading producers in Shikoku. 

Four farmers in the Hiraraishi district gathered to form the Tsurugi town-dried persimmon group. Dried persimmons were processed from December to the end of February after finishing the harvest. 
Every person brings their Atago persimmons, sliced and placed on a net for drying in a drying room. 
The persimmons were turned over every morning to dry evenly while the temperature was controlled, and they were dried and packed in bags after approximately a week. 

Each member of Tsurugi Town's Dried Persimmon Group ships fresh and removes the astringent taste of Atago persimmons. They also enjoy getting together to make dried persimmon places for people to interact with each other. 
Mr. Kazuhito Miyoshi, a representative of this group, says,' The time we spend exchanging farming information and small talk while working strengthens the bonds of the community. 

The aging population in this area makes it challenging to do the heavy work of harvesting persimmons and pruning trees. However, members of the Dried Persimmon Group hope to continue producing Atago and dried persimmons for as long as possible.