Experiences in Popular Guesthouses
  "Beautiful scenery is created by nature and humans." 

Masao Kinoshita
( Higashi Miyoshi Town, Guest House, Uribou )

Mr Kinoshita has been an office worker for nearly 40 years. He has been managing guesthouses for approximately six years. It has become so famous that nearly 500 people visit annually for overnight stays, tours, and agricultural experiences. 

Mr. Kinoshita's daily routine appears busy. For example, "In winter, I patrol wild boar traps, check mountain roads, work in fields, and maintain farm equipment. I spend more time farming because of the longer daylight hours in summer. No time to rest when I welcome guests because I need to prepare for their dinner." 

However, he seemed happy to enjoy living there. 

He said, "The people who live here are nice'." The people of Nishi Awa are proud of their entire communities. They clean roads and tidy up mountains, although no one tells them how. This is probably why such beautiful views of mountain villages remain. 

However, he had something in mind about mountain villages. 

He is also an expert hunter, saying, "Until about 20 years ago, there was not much damage to wild birds and animals'." Beauty in nature may seem unchanged, but it may be gradually changing. We would like to consider what we can accomplish. 

Guest House Uribou
Address: 29, Higashiyama-aza Uchino, Miyoshi-gun, Tokushima Prefecture