Energize the entire village! 
To preserve this view for a hundred years to come!

Mrs.Chiyoko Yamamoto ・ Mr.Yasuo Koizumi
(Anabuki Town in Mima City/Farmer's Guest House Yamamotoya)

Arrived at Fuchimyou after driving about 40 minutes from the Wakimachi Inter Change. Although this village is located in a mountainous area, the slope is gentler in many places than in other areas which gives the village a peaceful impression. Here is the farmer's guest house "Yamamotoya" run by an energetic mother.

She is the younger sister of Mr. Koizumi who is the head of the community association in this area. She returned to Mima from Osaka where she had lived for many years, and started a second life in the family home where she was born and raised.

Mrs.Yamamoto said, “Children who come to experience farming say that the vegetables grown here are delicious and eat them,” with her smile.

Her older brother, Mr.Koizumi is busy working in the fields and maintaining the garden.

“I want to make the village where more young people visit and interact with communities,” he said and his dream is to make the entire community more active.

“I build a stargazing platform where you can lie down and watch the beautiful stars. Now I'm going to build a pizza oven in the garden,” he said one after another.

We can find something new when we come here next time.

Farmer's Guest House Yamamotoya
Address: 385, Kuchiyama-aza-fuchimyou, Anabuki-cho, Mima city, Tokushima Prefecture
TEL: 0883-56-0550