The Symposium was held on May 12, 2018, to commemorate the recognition of the Nishi-Awa region as a GIAHS site, with approximately 130 residents and others in attendance.

We invited Pro. Anne MCDONALD (Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Sophia University), a member of the Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) for GIAHS, and Mr. Tasaki Tomonori from Takachihogo Shiibayama, which was designated as a GIAHS site in 2015, as lecturers for the symposium.

Pro. Anne spoke from his perspective on the history of GIAHS, his experiences at other sites, and the advantages and challenges of the Nishi-Awa region of Tokushima Prefecture, which he visited in November 2017.

A panel discussion was conducted, with Pro. Abe as the facilitator and Mrs. Okada and Mr. Kinoshita as representatives of local farmers. The panel discussed “What should we do to conserve the Nishi-Awa GIAHS site?”

Pro. Anne opined that the initiative was not something that would produce immediate results. A plan that would last for 5, 10, or 20 years should be developed through trial and error.

According to Mr. Tasaki, the council or the local government cannot do it alone, and all the residents should have a sense of ownership of the project.

The event provided an opportunity for residents to consider how to conserve the heritage site.

Title:Symposium Commemorating the Nishi-Awa Steep Slope Land Agriculture System Designation as a GIAHS site
Date:May 12, 2018
Venue:Miyoshi City, Ikeda Sogo Gymnasium
Sponsor:Tokushima Tsurugisan Global Agricultural Heritage Promotion Council Secretariat
Participation fee:free


< Part 1 >
13:30~13:45  Opening Remarks
13:45~14:00  Explaining the background of how we obtained the GIAHS designation
14:00~14:05  An overview of the Nishi-Awa steep slope land agriculture system
14:05~14:35  Keynote speech 1: “Potential of Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS)” by Pro. Anne MCDONALD (Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Sophia University)
14:35~15:05  Keynote speech 2: “Passing on the connection of environment and culture to the next generation” by Mr. Tomonori Tasaki (GIAHS Takachihogo-Shiibayama Revitalization Association)
15:05~15:15  Coffee break

< Part 2 >
15:15~16:15 Panel discussion
Facilitator: Pro. Kenichi ABE (Research Institute for Humanity and Nature)
Panelists: All presenters, Mrs. Masako Okada (Fuji no Sato factory), and Mr. Masao Kinoshita (guesthouse Uribo)