The “Nishi-Awa steep slope agricultural system” in Japan was recognized as an agricultural heritage site, in March 2017. A symposium was held on February 22, 2018, which was attended by approximately 100 local people.

Hiroki Kawashima, who has long been conducting research on sloping-land vegetable cultivation in the Tsurugi Mountains, delivered a lecture on his research. Kazufumi Takagi delivered a lecture on different types of vegetables, wild plants, and medicinal herbs grown in the Nishi-Awa region. His lecture ranged from cultivation techniques to marketing and cooking.

After the conclusion of lectures, the “Nishi-Awa Nou to Shoku no Meijin” (food and agriculture experts in Nishi Awa) certification ceremony, hosted by Tokushima Prefecture, was held. Several local farmers were certified.

Finally, a panel discussion was held with lecturers, local farmers, and sellers. Hitoshi Takenaka, who produces honey in Mima City, participated in the discussion as a representative of local farmers, and Ogawa Mitsuhiro, who is a producer of Awa Shoku museum, participated as a representative of local sellers. They discussed how local people could utilize the GIAHS brand as a tool.

Title:Symposium for the Recognition of Japanese Nationally Important Agriculture Heritage System: Thinking through vegetables grown in sloping areas
Date:February 22, 2018
Venue:Wakimachi theater, Odeonza
Sponsor:Tokushima Tsurugisan Global Agricultural Heritage Promotion Council Secretariat
Partner: Tokushima prefecture
Participation fee:free


< Part 1 >
13:30~13:45  Opening remarks
13:45~14:00  Introduction of GIAHS “Nishi-Awa steep slope agricultural system”
14:00~14:30  Keynote speech 1: “Vegetable Production in a steep slope area, Nishi-Awa: Activities at the West Japan Agricultural Research Center” by Dr. Hiroki KAWASHIMA (Division of Hillside Horticulture Research, NARO Western Region Agricultural Research Center)
14:30~15:00  Keynote speech 2: “Vegetable Production Areas and Cultivation Techniques in Nishi-Awa” by Dr. Kazufumi TAKAGI (Tokushima Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Technology Support Center)
15:00~15:10  Coffee break

< Part 2 >
15:10~15:25  Certification ceremony of  “Nishi-Awa Nou to Shoku no Meijin” (food and agriculture experts in Nishi-Awa)
15:25~16:15  Panel discussion: The lecturers, Mr. Hitoshi Takenaka (honey farmer), and Ogawa Mitsuhiro(Awa Shoku museum manager)