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Product: YUNA fruit juice

100% juice from JAS certified organic YUZU. (Product lineup; 275ml, 500ml, 900ml, 1800ml)
No additives or salt are used. Enjoy the blessings of nature.
Our YUZU juice is grown at an altitude of over 400 meters, which makes it very fragrant and very different from products grown in lower altitudes. The moment you open this package, you will be wrapped up in the fragrance of YUZU.

Product: Namashio YUNA

JAS certified organic YUZU peel is mixed with salt from Naruto and YUNAYU (peel oil).
The oil extracted from the outer peel is also added and fragrance of YUZU can be smelt more strongly.
The aroma of YUZU and the sweet and salty taste of Naruto salt make the food taste delicious.
This can be dipped in Sashimi instead of Wasabi, Oden, or as a dip with mayonnaise. It is also tasty when served with Chikuwa, a specialty of Tokushima.
This is a seasoning that can be used for meat, fish, vegetables, and all other meals.


The peel portion of the fruit is dried and ground into a powder.
YUNA KARASHI, a mixture of YUNA Powder and Japanese chili peppers
YUNA SHIO, a mixture of YUNA Powder and natural salt from Naruto
These powder series are a quick and easy way to add a bit of YUZU flavor.

Product: YUZU noodle

The juice of organic JAS-certified YUZU “YUNA” and the oil extracted from its peel are kneaded into the noodles to make a YUZU flavored Somen. Somen is often thought of as a summer food, but there are many ways to cook it in winter as well, such as boiled noodles to eat at the end of a hot pot. Hope you have a chance to taste this noodle.

Location to purchase

  • Roadside station MIMANOSATO    72, Ganshouji, Mima-cho, Mima city, Tokushima Prefecture
  • Roadside station UDATSU 55, Wakimachi, Wakimachi-Ooaza, Mima city, Tokushima Prefecture
  • Roadside station ITANO 39-5, Nakatesaki, Kawabata-aza, Itano-cho, Itano-gun, Tokushima Prefecture
  • Awa-shoku museum 154, Nakasu, Takahara-aza, Ishii-cho, Myozai-gun, Tokushima Prefecture
  • AIGURA Tokushima airport store Tokushima airport 3rd floor
  • Tokushima Prefecture Bussan-kan 14-1, Maeharahigashi-yonbangoshi, Nakagirai-aza, Matsushige-cho, Itano-gun, Tokushima Prefecture
  • Tani Chikuwa store 3-59, Yokosu-cho, Komatsushima city, Tokushima Prefecture
  • Tsurugisan Chojo Hutte 959, Kawakami-kake, Koyadaira, Mima city, Tokushima Prefecture (Outside of Tokushima Prefecture)
  • Tomoni Shijyo Kotsuu-kaikan 1st floor, 2-10-1, Yuuraku-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

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