Sadanojyo Sweet Dumpling | Nishi-Awa Certified Brand Product

Product:  Sadanojyo Sweet Dumpling

This product is made from fresh "Yomogi" (any of several weedy composite plants of the genus Artemisia) that sprouts in the spring daylight in the unique natural environment of Ichiu and red beans grown locally in the high cold region. This is carefully cooked one by one by hand using traditional methods.

Location to purchase

  • Shakunage Sanchoku-ichi (※Open only on Sundays)
    6-13, Ichiu-aza-Akamatsu, Tsurugi-cho, Mima-gun, Tokushima Prefecture, 779-4302


Tsurugi Town Life Improvement Promotion Council Ichiu Group
5-3, Ichiu-aza, Tsurugi-cho, Mima-gun, Tokushima Prefecture, 779-4303