Kajiyama no Sencha|Nishi-Awa Certified Brand Product

Product: Kajiyama no Sencha (Green tea)

―It is said that tea tastes the best when it is brewed in a teapot and has great benefits in every way. ―

This tea is grown at the inner end of a tributary of the Anabuki River using organic fertilizers and the Koeguro method of farming, which was taught to us by the ancients.
Picking only the first tea leaves in an immaculate area with good temperature differences, slope, and drainage.
You can enjoy the original flavor of the tea leaves.
It goes perfectly with meals and snacks!

It can also be enjoyed as cold tea in the hot season.


Mrs.Miharu Fujita (Maiden name: Mrs.Yamamoto)
7-13-13, Iikura, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka city, Fukuoka Prefecture, 814-0161
Mobile phone:090-5724-4902  FAX:092-834-8498


Mrs. Tsuyako Yamamoto
Anabuki-cho, Mima city, Tokushima Prefecture