Yuzu made in the upper mountains

Hiroshi Nakamura(Nakamura Farm)
(Yamashiro Town in Miyoshi City)

A special space that almost seems to reach for the clouds and the sky; this is why Mr. Nakamura's Yuzu is called "Tokushima Yuzu in the Sky".

Yuzu grows in an unobstructed environment with sufficient sunlight.

The significant temperature difference between day and night and the well-drained sloping lands produce highly fragrant and juicy Yuzu.

Mr. Nakamura uses herbaceous cultivation to plant "Festuca myuros" for undergrowth instead of using herbicides or chemical fertilizers.

When the Kaya dies, it naturally falls over and covers the ground to prevent the growth of weeds; this undergrowth becomes green manure and makes the soil rich. Ladybugs and bees that are enemies of pests gather there.

Yuzu is cultivated naturally and has the "Organic JAS certification."

The safe and secure organic Yuzu is consumed domestically and exported to Spain.

In addition to the “Yuzu fruit,” "Yuzu gelee" and "Yuzu syrup," made from 100% organic Yuzu, are popular products among customers.

These products can be purchased on Nakamura Farm's homepage or the "Tabechoku" website.

I hope you will have a chance to taste Mr. Nakamura's Yuzu, grown surrounded by the great nature and living creatures.