Secluded guest house run by a young couple, Cherish and maintain the lifestyle of those days

Shinsuke Nakayama, Mari Nakayama, Kumiko Hiura and Haruyoshi Moriwaki
(Higashi-Iya in Miyoshi City / Guest house Kouya)

Here is Higashi-iya-kubo in Miyoshi city. It is a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Tokushima city. A young couple has started their own guest house, and it is no exaggeration to say that this is an unexplored region even though the roads are maintained. This is the house where Mari-san's father was born and raised. Her mother, Kumiko-san, wanted to keep the house but thought that "it would be too much for me to live there...." Then, her daughter and her husband decided to move in here.

Mr. and Mrs. Nakayama said, "We had planned to start a farming stay business when we get a little older, but it has happened earlier than we expected."

They began their current lifestyle by exploring agriculture with their grandfather, Mr.Haruyoshi, who taught them how to do it. Their house was extensively remodeled, but as much as possible, it was left in its original thatched roof, visible from the inside. It is surprising to hear that this house used to produce leaf tobacco until about 30 years ago.

Mr. and Mrs. Nakayama said, "We cannot return to the life we had before."

"We now know more about what is and is not suitable for our fields. We can find something new every day."

These two seem to enjoy the inconvenience of their lives. It was the norm for the next generation to keep the village communities. Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Nakayama, this place will be protected for a while.

Guest house Kouya
Address: 311, Higashi-iya-kubo, Miyoshi-cho, Tokushima Prefecture
TEL: 080-6378-8984