On November 4, 2018, a symposium on one of the Globally Important Agricultural heritage System (GIAHS) sites, the Nishi-Awa steep-slope land agriculture system, was held at the Meiji University.

Title:Origin of Japanese agriculture: The Nishi-Awa steep-slope land agriculture system
Date:November 4, 2018
Venue:Liberty tower, Surugadai Campus, Meiji University
Sponsor:Meiji University, Tokushima University, Tokushima Prefecture


Keynote speech 1: What is Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System (GIAHS)?
By Mr. Akira Nagata (UNU-IAS)

Keynote speech 2 : What is the Nishi-Awa Steep-Slope Land Agriculture System?
By Professor Naoki Naito (Tokushima University)

<Panel discussion>
Coordinator: Professor Tamotsu Takemoto (Vice-president and Professor, School of Agriculture, Meiji University)

Panelists: Mr. Nagata(UNU-IAS), Pro. Naito (Tokushima University), Mr. Takashi Sakae (Representative Director, AWA-RE), Mr. Masahito Oshima (Tokushima Tsurugisan Global Agricultural Heritage Promotion Council Secretariat; Officer at the Tsurugi town government office)