The taste of products in my hometown is inherited from my mother.

Yoriko Takeoka
(Farmer in Tsurugi town)

At Shirataki Kobo in Handa, Tsurugi town, you can get products made from local agricultural products traditionally.

Yoriko Takeoka, who runs the shop, was born and raised in Tsurugi town, Tokushima Prefecture. After living in Aichi Prefecture for many years, she returned to her hometown in 2019 to take care of her mother. She began growing vegetables in the fields around her house. With her experience working in a restaurant, she makes prepared food and sells it at farmers’ markets.

One of her most popular products is "Yuzu miso," which her mother taught her how to make. Yuzu miso is made from the peel of yuzu citrus grown without pesticides and mixed with several miso types. Yuzu miso is sold on the internet and is consumed by many people outside the prefecture.

She sells biwa tea, persimmon leaf tea, and dokudami tea, which she used to make and drink for health.

She plans to start a farmer's homestay soon. She said, “I am looking forward to meeting many people as I start a farmer's homestay; as a result, more people can enjoy the taste I inherited from my mother.”

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